Cooking with Ms. Yasuyo Ohashi and Chef Kate Lulloff of Jones Dairy Farm

This past summer, the Jones Dairy Farm family welcomed Ms. Yasuyo Ohashi (@chunmacchi), our Jones Dairy Farm Japan ambassador to the family-owned company nestled in the heart of Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin.

After a guided tour of the facility, Ms. Ohashi recounts in her Instagram post reflecting on the trip, “I must emphatically state: There is no meat processing product as safe and delicious as Jones Dairy Farm!! It’s a product you can confidently serve to your family.”

In the video above, Ms. Ohashi and Jones Dairy Farm corporate chef and regional sales manager, Chef Kate Lulloff enjoys a cooking session at the iconic farmhouse.

Ms. Ohashi introduced a taste of Japan using Jones Dairy Farm All Natural, Uncured No-Sugar Bacon, crafting Onigiri, a quintessential Japanese breakfast and snack.

Ms. Yasuyo Ohashi and Chef Kate Lulloff

Chef Kate served up the ultimate American comfort food – Mac and Cheese. A three cheese recipe with caramelized onions, and of course, Jones Dairy Farm Uncured No-Sugar Bacon.

Ms. Yasuyo Ohashi and Chef Kate Lulloff

Jones Dairy Farm looks forward to even more recipes and food adventures with Ms. Ohashi in the future!

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