The Jones CEO visits Japan

In October 2022, our CEO of Jones Dairy Farm, Philip Jones, and the Jones team visited Japan! After landing in Tokyo, the Jones Dairy Farm team headed to 2 Costco locations in Japan to see examples of where Jones Dairy Farm’s delicious products are sold. It was a chance to meet up with Jones Dairy Farm fans, explore Japanese culture, and celebrate the shared love of bacon, turkey, and ham.

Hisayama Costco

Hisayama was the team’s first stop on October 23rd. It was a sunny day at this Costco location — very different weather from what the team is used to in chilly Wisconsin during the fall. They were surprised to see long lines outside the main doors even before the Costco was open.

It was also wonderful to bump into Matsuken-san of MatsukennVlog. Though the Jones team has been sharing their love of Jones products together for a while through collaboration videos, such as his dry-aged bacon video, it was the first time Philip met Matsuken-san in person. We’re excited about the new things we have planned with him, so please keep an eye on his YouTube for new content.

We set up a tent inside Costco and shared samples of various Jones Dairy Farm products including our famous dry-aged bacon, Canadian bacon, and hickory smoked ham. So many people came throughout the day—we wonder if were they surprised to see a team of Americans in Hisayama?

Do you know Gochipo? This adorable pig is the mascot character for the U.S. Meat Export Federation, and it was our honor to have him support us by dropping by and entertaining the Costco customers around our tent. Of course, we were chatting a lot with Jones Dairy Farm fans too for our meet & greet session.

Kisarazu Costco

Kisarazu is the newest Costco location in Japan and its new headquarters, so it was a privilege to be able to set up our tent here and share tasty samples of our dry-aged bacon, Canadian bacon, and juicy hickory smoked ham.

On October 27th, the team spent the day here catching up with Jones fans and introducing our products to Costco members. Guess who else joined? Gochipo made an appearance too!

Upcoming events

We had so much fun in Japan! Thank you to everyone who came to see us, and if you missed out this year don’t worry as we can’t wait to meet you all again for the upcoming Costco Roadshow Event. More details will be announced soon so please stay tuned, but the roadshow will run from 1/25~4/16 and we’ll be taking our famed food truck touring across Japan so that we can meet as many of you as we can! And yes, there will be free bacon!

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