Come meet Jones Dairy Farm at the PORK & POTATO FAIR: Hisayama and Hiroshima


Come and meet the Jones Dairy Farm team at Hisayama Costco on 2/15 – 2/19 and Hiroshima Costco on 2/22 – 2/26 at our 2nd roadshow with McCain Foods! We will be offering coupon prices and various food samples featuring high quality American Pork products, such as our delicious Cherrywood Smoked Dry Aged Bacon and Breakfast Pork Patties.

Meet Jones Dairy Farm at the following Costco locations to celebrate the PORK & POTATO FAIR from January through April.

Date & Locations:
2/15 – 2/19 Hisayama
2/22 – 2/26. Hiroshima
3/1 – 3/5. Kobe
3/15 – 3/19. Amagasaki
3/22 – 3/26 Izumi
4/5 – 4/9. Kyoto Yawata
4/12 – 4/16. Gifu Hashima

The event will be very similar to last time’s Porktoberfest with food trucks going to all locations.

We will be sampling various Jones Dairy Farm US Pork Products and McCain Foods Hash Brown and Super Wedges.

We’re looking forward to meeting you!

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