Why Choose American Pork?

When it comes to ingredients, Jones Dairy Farm starts with the best. Based in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, the 7th generation family-owned company proudly uses 100% American pork to create its world-class Dry-Aged Cherrywood Bacon and Hickory Smoked Ham, both available at Costco stores throughout Japan. 

Why does Jones Dairy Farm use American pork? There are many reasons why people love to eat U.S. pork in Japan.

Why is U.S. pork so popular?

Pork is the most popular meat in Japan. It serves as the basis of many classic Japanese dishes, like tonkatsu, gyoza and ramen, and is also a key ingredient of the beloved American breakfast. According to the U.S. Meat Exportation Federation (USMEF), pork is the fastest growing protein consumed by Japanese consumers. In 2017 alone, the U.S. pork export value reached $1.63 billion in Japan. 

So what makes U.S. pork so popular?

Throughout the years, Japanese consumers have come to love and trust U.S. pork as a safe, delicious and high-quality product that consistently meets their expectations. Due to strict regulations imposed by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), U.S. pork producers ensure a product that is low in cholesterol, a molecule known to increase the risk of heart disease, and low in calories as well. American pork contains high levels of vitamin B and vitamin B1, which plays a key role in converting your body’s food into energy. 

Everybody loves bacon

No country does bacon quite like the U.S. and Jones Dairy Farm’s award-winning Dry-Aged Cherrywood Bacon offers a true taste of this American classic. Crafted from center-cut, premium U.S. pork bellies, Jones Dairy Farm’s bacon is naturally smoked over real cherrywood chips then dry-aged for several weeks. It’s no surprise that the best bacon is made with 100% American pork.

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Find Jones Dairy Farm products near you

Jones Dairy Farm has been a proud member of USMEF since 1993. For almost three decades, the company has introduced wholesome, high-quality products to families in Japan and continues to do so today. Find Jones Dairy Farm products at a Costco shop near you. Check the shop locator for more details.

Here’s a list of Jones Dairy Farm pork products:

Dry-Aged Cherrywood Bacon

Uncured Canadian Bacon

Breakfast Sausage Patties

Hickory Smoked Ham


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