Jones Dairy Farm No-Sugar, Uncured, All Natural Bacon is now sold in Japan

Nutrition Facts

Jones Dairy Farm is adding an Uncured option for our Bacon products! With this addition, we now offer a full variety of All-Natural Uncured products for you and your family to enjoy.

Did you know that in the United States and around the world, bacon typically contains added sugar, sodium, artificial flavors and preservatives? For many in the U.S, this makes it a sweet and savory breakfast staple, but too much added sugar is not good for our health.

That’s why Jones Dairy Farm is so proud to be announcing the launch of our No Sugar Bacon in Japan! For anyone wanting to cut back on sugar without compromising on flavor, our No-Sugar Bacon is a great option. Naturally smoked over real, hickorywood chips, we only use premium, center cut slices uniquely dry-aged resulting in pure, authentic U.S. bacon flavor. And it’s sugar-free!

Right from the start of our seventh-generation family business, Jones Dairy Farm has prided itself on providing quality products to your family. We’ve always refused to add artificial flavors and we always will. No Sugar Bacon is certified gluten-free, minimally processed and has no added nitrates. Aside from all of this, No Sugar Bacon is also allergen friendly and paleo friendly.

We stick to the traditions of our family business—we still use our 100-year-old family brine recipe to this day. We craft our bacon in small, smokehouse batches that result in melt-in-the-mouth slices of delicious, umami-flavor bacon.

Jones Dairy Farm No-Sugar, Uncured, All Natural Bacon

Our uncured bacon is naturally cured using cultured celery juice and we only use fresh, never frozen, pork belly from local suppliers. This means that our products are 100% sourced and packaged in the Midwest, bringing the most authentic flavors of U.S. bacon to Japan. We sell all of our products exclusively at Costco locations across Japan.

No Sugar Bacon is an alternative to traditional bacon. As it includes no sugar and is also uncured, or rather naturally cured with cultured celery juice. At Jones Dairy Farm, we’re passionate about creating high-quality products that you and your family can feel good about including in your diet.

Our No Sugar bacon is offered in a thinner slice which allows for quicker cooking, too. It’s a nice compliment to our traditionally cured thicker cut bacon because it has a different texture. You’ll find that both options can hold a place in your home!

You can enjoy No Sugar Bacon the same way you would enjoy regular bacon. Incorporate it as part of a hearty breakfast, add it to your bento creations, mix it into a creamy carbonara pasta sauce or even as part of a side dish. Check out our recipe section for more inspiration.

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