Ms. Ohashi Yasuyo’s Visit to Jones Dairy Farm in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin

Meet Ms. Ohashi Yasuyo, a certified food coordinator, nutritionist, and the creative force behind the Instagram handle @chunmacchi. She’s the culinary creative you might have spotted on your social media feeds, delighting audiences in Japan with her delectable creations that are often crafted from all-natural Jones Dairy Farm products.

Before joining the Jones community, Ms. Ohashi made her mark as a Cookpad Japan Ambassador for five impressive years. During her tenure, she graced the screens of renowned Japanese media, curated recipes for a diverse range of companies, and won many culinary competitions.

Today, Ms. Ohashi wears several hats – she’s a culinary researcher, recipe connoisseur, skilled food photographer, Costco-lover, and, of course, a Jones Dairy Farm product ambassador and recipe creator!

Visiting Jones Dairy Farm in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin

Jones Dairy Farm

This past July, the Jones Dairy Farm family welcomed Ms. Ohashi to the family-owned facility nestled in the heart of Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin.

The journey began with a guided tour of the Jones Dairy Farm plant, offering Ms. Ohashi an inside look into the product-making process. Here, she delved deep into what sets Jones apart, discovering the unique ingredients, processes, and philosophies that make the products so special.

Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin

“After closely observing the company’s history, factory, and the people working there,” begins Ms. Ohashi in her recent blog post reflecting on the trip, “I must emphatically state: There is no meat processing product as safe and delicious as Jones Dairy Farm!! It’s a product you can confidently serve to your family.”

In Japan, Jones Dairy Farm products are exclusively available at Costco locations nationwide, but despite this success, the U.S. business still keeps its original charm of deep-rooted family values and all-natural ingredients.

“Jones Dairy Farm is now a famous brand that is recognized throughout the United States as an additive-free processed meat maker, but the “traditional mother’s recipe” from that time has remained unchanged to this day,” explains Ms. Ohashi.

Ms. Ohashi’s perception of processed meats underwent a transformation during her visit. She candidly shared, “My view of processed meat was that it’s convenient to eat but not very healthy, so it’s best to avoid consuming it daily. I had concerns about the numerous additives listed on typical bacon and ham labels. I often wondered how much actual meat was in these products, given the many additives. Jones Dairy Farm puts multiple layers of quality and safety checks within a very simple set of ingredients and processes. The sausage products are painstakingly crafted, using only meat, salt, and spices. That’s it! Can you believe it?”

Mr. George Synan, the Asia Area Sales Manager, helped to bridge the language gaps and provided support during her visit. He explained that many Costco users in Japan prioritize health, quality, and reliability, even if it means investing a bit more. They recognize the value of products crafted with care and consideration.

“I want someone who truly understands Jones’ commitment to try it,” he adds. “That’s why, in Japan, you’ll find Jones Dairy Farm products exclusively at Costco.”

Sharing Japanese and American recipes

Jones Market

No visit to the Atkinson plant would be complete without exploring the historical Jones Dairy Farm grounds, including the iconic farmhouse featured in the logo, the solar panel farm, and the Jones Market.

Inside the farmhouse, Ms. Ohashi had the pleasure of meeting Kate Lulloff, Chef and Regional Sales Manager. Together, they exchanged recipes. First, they sampled an American classic – macaroni and cheese with bacon! In return, Ms. Ohashi showcased her skills by crafting onigiri using Jones Dairy Farm’s bacon, introducing Kate to a taste of Japan. This video will be shared in our next blog.

7th Generation Family Member, Lisa Caras

Ms. Ohashi also had the opportunity to sit down with the Marketing Director and 7th Generation Family Member, Lisa Caras, for a conversation not only about the business side of Jones Dairy Farm but also about the shared joys and challenges of being mothers. Video coming soon.

When it comes to hosting guests, the Jones Dairy Farm family is ready with warmth and hospitality. Ms. Ohashi savored a home-cooked meal at the Jones Farmhouse.

home-cooked meal at the Jones Farmhouse

What resonated most with Ms. Ohashi during her visit was the feeling of love at the core of Jones Dairy Farm. “Love underpins everything, which is why the company has thrived for over 130 years, continually cherished by its customers.” She expressed her commitment to continuing to choose Jones Dairy Farm products for her family, from her daughters to her future grandchildren.

Jones Dairy Farm looks forward to meeting Ms. Ohashi again!

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