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This no-stovetop, mess-free recipe needs little hands-on time, thanks to the flavors from the Uncured Turkey Bacon. A quick and easy appetizer or side.

Cheesy Turkey Bacon and Potato Bake
Turkey Bacon

Cheesy Turkey Bacon and Potato Bake
Serving: 2 (as a small appetizer or side) 20 minutes

  • 1Poke a few holes in the potato with toothpick and place in a microwave safe shallow dish along with garlic clove and cover with plastic wrap. Microwave 600W for 4 minutes.
  • 2Carefully take off plastic wrap and coarsely mash potato and garlic.
  • 3Take 3 slices of Jones Dairy Farm Uncured Turkey Bacon and tear into bite size directly on top of (2) and mix to incorporate with fork.
  • 4Cover with sliced raclette cheese.
  • 5Place dish into fish grill or toaster oven for 5~10minutes or until the cheese starts to turn a golden color.
  • 6Finish with freshly ground black pepper.
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